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As a Houghton grad (both HA and HC) and now a resident of this unique little town, I have heard a plethora of stories about Houghton (officially a “hamlet”), the College, the Academy, the Church and the multitude of individuals who have been affiliated with Houghton from around the world.  Some people stay for decades while others are here for just 4 years or even a shorter period.  I created HoughtonStories primarily as a podcast because, with the exception of those few people who are writers, hearing stories in the voices of the participants is so much more compelling than just text on a page or screen.  Jesus told stories to change the hearts of those who probably were not even capable of reading and most likely did not have the money for books.  Stories change lives and stories of changed lives are even more powerful.

Here are the ground rules which will undoubtedly evolve over time and experience:

This podcast is designed to be uplifting and edifying.  This is not intended as a site to vent grievences, embarass people or institutions or to “ax-grind”.  Please no overt political or theological promoting or bashing.  Here are the types of content I am hoping for:

  • personal anecdotes
  • anecdotes of relatives or friends (especially if they have passed on and can’t tell the story themselves)
  • character sketches of Houghton personalities Past and Present
  • building and institutional history lessons (please, no long lectures)
  • how this town and it’s people and ideals have affected your life positively and possibly negatively  (I did not exclude admonition in the restrictions above but they must be in the tone of “the Truth in Love.”)
  • how your experience at Houghton changed a situation in your current life
  • Please, don’t let this list limit your creativity.

Watch this page for how to contribute.  The infrastructure is almost ready.


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