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Buddy Keith (“Mr. Keith” to generations of Houghton Academy students) has been a Houghton fixture and foundational character of this community for several decades.  We had to say goodbye to him this week.  He is celebrating with the saints and is reunited with his wife Lenora.  He touched so many lives.  The church was packed for his funeral yesterday with people coming great distances to honor his memory.

I find no better way to exemplify what I am trying to accomplish with this site than honoring Mr. Keith as the initial post.  Please submit by email or comment.  The comments do have to wait for my approval so please don’t submit them multiple times.  Thanks.

I am not fully finished planning how I want people to log in to this site so please send any anecdotes about Mr. Keith with media attached to:

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His funeral recording can be found on the Houghton Wesleyan Church podcast on iTunes .  You can subscribe here:


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